Dog Show Pictures 2013 Dog Show Pictures 2013 Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers First Show of the year. It was a good day thanks to Barbara Watt and the Group 2 win:) 175104092 Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers Another win in Abbotsford thanks to Michel Bouchard. Much appropriated group 2nd win. 175104093 Sudbury District Kennel Club Atticus's first Group First. A very special thanks to Judge Peter Laventhal-Wolfish. This was a very exciting day for us. 188549621 Sudbury District Kennel Club Thanks for Peter Scott handling Atticus and taking a group 2nd. Also thanks to Michael Shoreman for this win 188549824 Sudbury District Kennel Club This was a good weekend for us. Thanks to judge Marilyn Foulds for this group 2nd placement 188549825 Sudbury District Kennel Club Two group 2nds on one day thanks to Dianne Miller. 188550014